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Endgültiger SCOOP Turnierplan


PokerStars hat nun den endgültigen Turnierplan für die 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) bekannt gegeben. In diesem Jahr gibt es 40 Events auf drei Buy-in Level, die von Sonntag, dem 6. Mai bis Sonntag 20. Mai stattfinden und im Mian Event gipfeln:

  • Low: $109 Main Event
  • Medium: $1,050 Main Event
  • High: $10,300 Main Event

PokerStars 2012 SCOOP Turnierplan:

DateEventTimeLow Buy-InMedium Buy-InHigh Buy-In
Sunday, May 6SCOOP #1 NLH11:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Sunday, May 6SCOOP #2 NLH14:30 ET$27$215$2,100
Monday, May 7SCOOP #3 NLH 6-Max w/ Rebuys11:00 ET$5.50$55$530
Monday, May 7SCOOP #4 FL Badugi14:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Monday, May 7SCOOP #5 NLH Turbo w/ Rebuys17:00 ET$11$109$1,050
Tuesday, May 8SCOOP #6 NL Draw11:00 ET$11$109$1,050
Tuesday, May 8SCOOP #7 NLH Heads-Up14:00 ET$7.50$82$700
Tuesday, May 8SCOOP #8 NLH17:00 ET$11$109$1,050
Wednesday, May 9SCOOP #9 NLH Super Knockout11:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Wednesday, May 9SCOOP #10 Stud14:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Wednesday, May 9SCOOP #11 PL Omaha Hi/Lo17:00 ET$7.50$82$700
Thursday, May 10SCOOP #12 PL Omaha Heads-Up11:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Thursday, May 10SCOOP #13 NLH Knockout14:00 ET$27$265$2,600
Friday, May 11SCOOP #14 NLH Ante Up11:00 ET$7.50$82$700
Friday, May 11SCOOP #15 FL Omaha Hi/Lo14:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Friday, May 11SCOOP #16 NLH Turbo 2x Chance17:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Saturday, May 12SCOOP #17 NLH 10-Max Shootout11:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Saturday, May 12SCOOP #18 NLH PL Omaha 6-Max w/ Rebuys14:00 ET$11$109$1,050
Saturday, May 12SCOOP #19 Triple Stud17:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Sunday, May 13SCOOP #20 NLH11:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Sunday, May 13SCOOP #21 NLH14:30 ET$27$215$2,100
Monday, May 14SCOOP #22 Mixed NLH/PLO11:00 ET$11$109$1,050
Monday, May 14SCOOP #23 NLH14:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Monday, May 14SCOOP #24 PL Omaha Turbo w/ 1R1A17:00 ET$11$109$1,050
Tuesday, May 15SCOOP #25 Triple Draw 2-711:00 ET$11$109$1,050
Tuesday, May 15SCOOP #26 Stud Hi/Lo14:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Tuesday, May 15SCOOP #27 NLH17:00 ET$11$109$1,050
Wednesday, May 16SCOOP #28 Razz11:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Wednesday, May 16SCOOP #29 NLH Big Antes w/ Rebuys14:00 ET$11$109$1,050
Wednesday, May 16SCOOP #30 NLH Super Knockout 6-Max Turbo17:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Thursday, May 17SCOOP #31 8-Game11:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Thursday, May 17SCOOP #32 PL Omaha Hi/Lo14:00 ET$27$265$2,600
Friday, May 18SCOOP #33 NLH 1R1A11:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Friday, May 18SCOOP #34 FL Hold’em 6-Max14:00 ET$55$530$5,200
Friday, May 18SCOOP #35 NL Omaha Hi/Lo17:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Saturday, May 19SCOOP #36 PLO 6-Max11:00 ET$55$530$5,200
Saturday, May 19SCOOP #37 NLH Heads-Up High-Roller12:30 ET$215$2,100$21,000
Saturday, May 19SCOOP #38 HORSE14:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Sunday, May 20SCOOP #39 NLH 6-Max11:00 ET$27$215$2,100
Sunday, May 20SCOOP #40 Main Event14:30 ET$109$1,050$10,300

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